LM20 Benchtop

LM20 Benchtop

LM20 Microfluidizer® High Shear Fluid Processor

Like all Microfluidizer® products, the new, digitally controlled LM20 excels at efficiently converting high fluid pressures to intense shear forces. The LM20 high-pressure homogeniser ensures that 100% of your material undergoes exactly the same treatment, yielding consistently reliable results that include uniform particle and droplet size reduction, submicron emulsions and high-yield cell disruption. Furthermore, the LM20 offers guaranteed process scale-up from small laboratory samples to production volumes.

How It Works

Our unique design converts pressure into shear forces more efficiently than other technologies, delivering superior performance. The LM20’s unique intensifier pump supplies the desired pressure at a constant rate to your materials, driving them through precisely defined, fixed-geometry microchannels within the interaction chamber. The product stream accelerates to high velocities, creating shear rates that are orders of magnitude greater than any other conventional method.

Recommended Uses

The LM20 Microfluidizer® processor is an excellent choice for a variety of applications, such as:
•Cell Disruption
•Fine Particle Deagglomeration

Unique Benefits

The Microfluidizer® LM20 processor:
•Operates at pressures up to 30,000 psi (2068 bar) (20,000 psi for LM20-20 model)
•Requires a minimum sample size of 14 ml
•Is suitable for laboratory and benchtop applications
•Achieves unmatched size reduction/disruption performance at lower process pressure
•Limits sample temperature rise during processing, ensuring minimal heat denaturation of sensitive materials
•Results in higher product yields after sterile filtration with tighter particle size distribution
•Saves on development time in pilot/production with linear volumetric scaleup
•Provides enhanced repeatability with easy-to-use digital pressure control
•Has a compact design that fits in a fume hood
•Ensures dependable process performance over time with maintenance reminder and operator alerts
•Adapts to future experimentation possibilities with field upgradable firmware